-You messed with the wrong proletarian!


action / drama   2013   109'

Matt Damon, Jodie Foster, Alice Braga

direction: Neill Blomkamp

 A heavily sick factory worker must find a way to go to Elysium, a place for rich people, which has the equipment to cure him.

 'Elysium' has an intriguing main idea, some nice visual effects, a prophetic scene (when Max tries to communicate with the robot in vain) and a good performance by Matt Damon. However there are serious plot holes, e.g. Elysium depends on a mad man who fires rockets from the surface of the Earth for its air defence and a favela gang can build a robocop or hack advanced computer systems. Furthermore, the villain is a ridiculous lunatic, shaky camera ruins the action scenes and the political message hides the complexity of the real world: besides its racism (there are no poor white people in the future) it disconnects citizenship from nationality, presenting an unnatural world with no national states, and proposes that the poor should simply start consuming the resources of the other people as if they are infinite. It's no coincidence that whenever an illegal immigrant breaks into someone's house to use its medical facilities no one happens to be inside. The film creators didnít want to deal with how someone feels when his property and personal space are violated.